General Veterinary Services

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Same day appointments available when your pet is sick.

Get everything you need to ensure your new family member is healthy and protected at an affordable price.

parasite management WORM, FLEA, & TICK MANAGEMENT

laboratory services LABORATORY SERVICES
In-house capability available for immediate results.

xray & ultrasound DIGITAL XRAY & ULTRASOUND

on-site pharmacy ON-SITE PHARMACY
One stop convenience, competitive pricing on prescribed medication, or we will write a prescription or call it in to a pharmacy near you

dental care DENTAL CARE
Both non-anesthetic and anesthetic dental procedures are available.

surgeries SURGERIES
Spays and neuters
Growth / tumor removals / biopsies
Complex orthopedic / soft tissue surgery

chronic disease management CHRONIC DISEASE MANAGEMENT
(Many of these diseases are better managed with a holistic approach)
Reoccuring skin and ear infections
Digestive issues:  frequent vomiting, diarrhea, irritable bowel disease
Endocrine diseases:  Diabetes, Cushing's, Thyroid diseases, Obesity
Neuropathies (Nerve disorders):  Wobbler's syndrome, paralysis, disk diseases

acupuncture, chinese herbal medicine ACUPUNCTURE & CHINESE HERBAL MEDICINE
Acupuncture is a ancient healing method that stimulates the body's own nerves and chemicals to provide pain management, manage disease, and wake up weakened nerve function. Some of the more common uses are pain relief, arthritis, seizures/epilepsy, paralysis due to disk disease. Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to work and has many studies to support its use and effectiveness.

Chinese Herbs can be a powerful way to manage illness alone or in conjunction with acupuncture.

nutrition consultation NUTRITION & DIET CONSULTATIONS
Good nutrition is the key to great health. What you feed your pet makes a huge difference in his or her quality of life and longevity. A lot of reoccurring illnesses and diseases we see as veterinarians can be prevented by just a change of diet.

There is a lot of confusing and contradicting information on the internet and many traditional vets do not know a lot about nutrition. In fact, did you know that "prescription and veterinary diets", are NOT the best thing you can feed your pet? Let us explain why and how to feed the best food to your pets so that they not only stay healthy, but thrive!


We recommend a very conservative vaccine schedule that is based on your pet's individual risk and encourage the use of vaccination titers. We use a thimerisol free Rabies vaccine.

canine massage CANINE MASSAGE
By a certified and experienced therapist, safe pain relief for arthritis or injury.

natural supplements NATURAL SUPPLEMENTS
Don't waste your money on unproven supplements. We pick the best and recommend only the supplements that have proven to work. These can enhance your pet's life and ease symptoms of old age. Most are free of side effects and can be used together with traditional medications.

boarding services BOARDING SERVICES

bathing services BATHING SERVICES

grooming GROOMING


Print and fill out our New Client Form to save time on your first visit.

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