Canine Massage

Tracey Sciarra is our Certified Canine Massage Therapist. She earned her certification in 2011 and enjoys seeing the positive results of massage with dogs of all ages. Canine Massage by TracyShe has recently added essential oils as part of the massage experience to address specific muscular issues and considers animal aromatherapy a valuable addition to the massage. Tracey can do a massage for your pet at our hospital or in the comfort of your own home.

Originally from Huntington Beach, Tracey now resides in Tustin Ranch and loves spending time with her chihuahua mix, Ned, and her son Nick, a recent graduate from Chapman University.

A therapeutic deep tissue massage, given by Tracy, will increase circulation, thereby aiding the flow of oxygen throughout the muscle system.

Some Benefits of Canine Massage
Increased range of motion Increased range of motion
Enhanced muscle tone Enhanced muscle tone
Elimination of toxins Elimination of toxins (lactic acid)
Lengthens connective tissue Lengthens connective tissue
Assists healing Assists healing
Reduces inflammation and swelling of joints Reduces inflammation and swelling of joints

Tracey is also the owner/operator of Pals-4-Paws Pet Care and has been providing in-home pet care since 2008.