Client Testimonials

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"Dr. Leong is the best Veterinarian! She really cares and it shows. I highly recommend her. Her staff is also very friendly."

"She recently opened up her own practice and the prior clinic she was at wouldn't tell me where she went. I looked everywhere online to find her; unfortunately I moved and I hadn't received the letter she mailed me notifying me of her new location. Thank gosh I found her."

~ Agnew Family from Irvine, CA | 5 star rating | 2/22/2017

"Dr. Leong has been my preferred vet for the past several years, and I'm excited for her to have her own practice now! She is very knowledgeable in holistic medicine, functional diets and raw feeding, acupuncture, etc, and she shares all that knowledge with her clients."

"She really takes her time to answer all your questions, and my dogs love her! Even my somewhat skittish pup will wiggle into her lap. She makes sure that your dog is as comfortable with the procedure as possible. We recently had to take several vials of blood for allergy testing and my dog didn't even make a peep!"

"I have recommend several friends to her and all of them have been so thankful that I did (and so were their pets). I can't recommend Dr. Leong enough!"

~ Kate C. from Costa Mesa, CA | 5 star rating | 1/19/2017

Note: comments from 2015 & 2016

"Dr. Leong takes great care of my chihuahua. She is pleasant, knowledgable, and also answers my questions patiently. Her love of animals is very apparent. My favorite part of her care is her conservative approach to medicine -- she does not prescribe too much medicine and prefers natural methods. It is clear she values the well-being of the animal over raising the bill. I'll be sticking with Dr. Leong for sure."

~ Lisa M. from Irvine, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Dr. Deena Leong examined him and gave him the shot. Benji felt nothing, she is so good, answered all my questions and gave me very helpful advices regarding potty training."

~ Rosalie from Irvin, CA | 5.0 star rating

"I woke up one morning to find my 5 year old dachshund mix hardly able to use her back legs. I immediately took her to the nearest vet who said it was her spine and she would need a $5000 surgery and meds the rest of her life."

"We were blessed to get a referral to Dr. Leong. I loved her right away and so did our pooch. Her compassion is so genuine. She told us some good news, that Phoebe was a candidate for acupuncture. Never thought of acupuncture for a pet, but it's always worked for me so why not!"

"After our dogs first treatment we saw great results. She will always have a lil gimp, but she is running and jumping just like before and more importantly is not in any pain. A huge heartfelt thank you to the amazing Doctor Leong."

~ Sarah K. from Orange, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Our initial appointment was with Dr. Leong, a holistic practitioner who integrates both traditional and alternative treatments in treating her patients. She was very personable, listened to and answered all my questions, evaluated my cat Jake with skill while keeping him calm and relaxed, and gave us recipes for homemade cooked food -- something I had been asking my old vet for advice for a while now and not receiving anything easy enough to follow. She also gave me a better idea of Jake's current state of health and showed me how to administer subcutaneous fluids at home to protect his kidneys while his thyroid stabilizes. Even though I'm a very proactive pet owner and comfortable with it, I've never had a vet offer me at-home treatment options like this. I had several follow up questions, and Dr. Leung promptly called me back the same day with clear and thoughtful answers. Dr. Leung is amazing and willing to work with how ever much or little you are willing to do at home with your pets, and I'm thrilled to have found a vet like her to work with."

~ Sandya N. from Costa Mesa, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Dr. Leong came right in examined my puppy herself! She didn't have tech weigh him or ask me a bunch of questions, she did it herself. She probably sat with me for 30-45 mins answering all my questions. I was so worried about his diarrhea I forgot to tell her about his itchy skin but she noticed and gave me a shampoo that should help. I will never go to another vet again, I'd drive any distance to have my puppy seen be Dr, Leong, she gets it and truly cares. She even gave my puppy his rabies shot herself and he never even noticed because she had him give me treats at the same time. By the next morning Nixon was back to normal and feeling all better."

~ Jacqueline W. from Irvine, CA | 5.0 star rating

"I have a dog that has health issues no other vet (and thousands of dollars) could figure out. In one visit, Dr. Leong figured it out and put us on a path to recovery.

~ Steph S. from Tustin, CA | 5.0 star rating

"I love Dr. Leong, I do not trust my baby with anyone else. I raise my dog holistically so finding a doctor who would respect that and would not force all the harsh medications was very difficult until we found Dr. Leong. She takes her time, explains everything and makes sure you feel comfortable before you walk out of her office.

~ Nousha V. from Huntington Beach, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Dr. Leong is the best! I love that she is a holistic veterinarian. She is very kind and caring and really thorough in her exams. She never makes me feel rushed at our appointments, and always answers any questions I have.

~ Katie D. from Newport Beach, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Dr. Deena Leong is my favorite vet. She has been very supportive of my suggestions to try homeopathic treatment for my dog. My dog has cushing disease and I decided to give him homeopathic drops and followed the advice of Dr Leong to change his diet. Every 5 or 6 month I bring him in for a check-up. Dr Leong truly loves animals and wants the best for my dog. She doesn't have a know-best attitude. That's what so cool about her!"

~ Paulien C. from Irvine, CA | 5.0 star rating

"A few days later, Dr. Leong followed up with informative phone messages and more advice. I was impressed with the service and the attention given to me and my kitty. We're glad to know that we found a doctor we like. Meow."

"We took him to Dr. Leong and she immediately started the acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She eventually took him off the steroids and started decreasing the phenobarbitol dosage. The dog started walking almost within a week, still weak, but after each acupuncture session he walked better and better. She also gave the acupuncture for his breathing problems which has, in 2 months, improved 70%. I would definitely recommend Dr. Leong as her demeanor is wonderful and gentle and the dog does not even get nervous."

~ Brenda J. from Laguna Beach, CA | 5.0 star rating

"Dr. Leong is an amazing doctor specializing in both holistic and traditional treatments. My dog nearly passed away year ago and after the surgery the test results came back positive for Cancer. I was told by 4 different vets that if I did nothing he would pass in 3-4 months and with chemo (thousands of dollars and numerous vet appointments) he could live typically 8-10 months. After tons of research I decided to take a holistic approach and with Dr. Leong's help and recommendations my dog is in that very small percentile that has lived past a year. If it wasn't for Dr. Leong's guidance my dog would not be alive today. In my opinion if your animal is having serious problems/illness bring him in and get a second opinion from Dr. Leong. She was able to extend Lucas's life with a high quality of living and no chemo."

~ Brandon V. from Santa Barbara, CA | 5.0 star rating