Dental Care

Jason Carr

Jason Carr has loved animals his entire life and grown up with them too. He is a former firefighter who got into the business of cleaning pet's teeth at the advice of a friend. With over 17 years of teeth cleaning experience and continuing education dental classes through VCA, he has become a seasoned pro in his field.

We continue to be amazed how he can take a hyper Labrador, fiesty Chihuahua, or even a shy cat and convince them to stay calm and still while he scales and polishes their teeth. He does a great job and pet owners keep returning for his impressive service.

Jason stresses the importance of preventive care. This includes daily brushing, regular check ups and both non-anesthetic and anesthetic cleanings. By taking care of their teeth on a regular basis, owners can save their pets from infection, bad breath, and losing teeth.

His favorite part of the job is getting to work with animals every day. He has a special fondness for English Bulldogs, as he has one named Bubba.